Cruise Passengers Claim Lack of Protection from Sexual Assault

Alleged Victim Speaks Out About Sexual Assault Experience on Disney Cruise

The 21-year-old alleged victim, referred to as “G.” to protect her identity, has spoken out about her experience for the first time. She was just 11 years old when the incident occurred on a Disney cruise with her grandmother and little sister.

G. recalled asking for the Wi-Fi password when an employee outside a restaurant grabbed her. Feeling scared, she ran to the lobby and got into an elevator, where the same employee followed her, blocking the doors and asking for a kiss. He then allegedly kissed her on the mouth, leaving G. in tears when she returned to her room.

She reported the incident to her grandmother, and they went to guest services to file a report. The ship’s security officer, Taplin, confirmed the events from elevator surveillance footage, and G. identified the assailant from a lineup of employees.

However, Taplin claimed to have faced obstruction during the investigation, with the ship’s senior officer delaying contacting the FBI until the ship was in international waters. The accused crew member denied kissing G. and signed a confession written by Bahamian police, but was not arrested and was repatriated to India.

G. felt scared for the rest of the vacation and never felt safe on board again. After reporting the attack, Disney only reached out to inform her family that the accused crew member had been deported.

In response, Disney instructed the employee cleaning her room to create towel animals and put a princess bedspread on her bed, but G. felt the response was insufficient.

The alleged victim has now come forward to speak about her traumatizing experience, shedding light on the handling of the situation by the cruise company.

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