‘India’s Hit-and-Run Law and Transporter Reconciliation’

Truck drivers have been on strike for the past two days, protesting the new penal law on ‘hit-and-run’ accident cases involving motorists. The strike has caused movement across the country to be disrupted. On Tuesday, the government held discussions with representatives from the All India Transport Congress in an effort to resolve the issue.

After the meeting with the Home Secretary, the All India Motor Transport Congress has appealed to the drivers to end the strike and return to work. However, they have stated that talks will continue with the government. AIMTC Core Committee Chairman Bal Malkit expressed that the issues have been resolved after meeting with the Home Secretary regarding the Indian Judicial Code.

Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla also assured that before implementing certain provisions of the new penal law, consultation with the All India Transport Congress will take place. The government and the transporters have come to an agreement to resume work immediately.

The strike has resulted in a disruption of essential products such as vegetables, fruits, and milk. The new criminal provisions of the Indian Judicial Code have sparked this protest, and a three-day strike was initiated on Monday.

While the transportation issue is being addressed, severe cold has continued in North India, causing water to freeze in reservoirs including Dal Lake in Kashmir. The region is currently experiencing ‘Chillai-Kalan’, a 40-day period of severe winter with extreme cold temperatures and the possibility of heavy snowfall.

In response to the cold conditions, North India has also experienced dense fog, impacting train operations and vehicle movements. Delhi also continues to suffer from poor air quality, with at least 26 trains delayed due to fog. Overall, the weather office reports that several areas in North India are facing cold wave conditions.

The severely cold temperatures have also affected areas in Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh, with temperatures falling below average. In some areas of Rajasthan, the visibility was recorded at just 50 meters at the Jaipur airport.

As the government works to settle the truck drivers’ dispute, the severe cold conditions in North India continue to impact various aspects of daily life.

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