Iran delivers Zolfaghar boats to Venezuela

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro launched military exercises near the border with Guyana on December 28. This was in response to weeks of crisis between the two countries over the Essequibo region, where Venezuela claims territory that is home to two thirds of Guyana’s surface area and a fifth of its population. Tensions escalated after Guyana sought bids from oil companies to exploit the region, and Venezuela held a controversial referendum on its claim to the area. Despite an agreement not to use force, Maduro sent 5,600 troops to the border and accused the United Kingdom of provocation after they sent a warship to Guyana. Along with this, it was revealed that Venezuela is in possession of Iranian-made combat boats, which is not surprising given the strong relationship between the two countries, including military cooperation. Venezuela has also obtained drones, rockets, and missiles from Iran over the years. This list includes armed drones, reconnaissance drones, and attack drones, as well as Fajr-1 rockets, Ghaem-1 “Smart Miniature Bombs,” and Nasr cruise missiles. Overall, the Venezuelan army has been significantly equipped by Iran, adding more complexity to the ongoing border dispute.

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