Poland’s truckers join German protests, deepening chaos

German farmers’ nationwide blockade has received support from Polish truckers, who have crossed the border to show solidarity. The farmers are protesting economic and agricultural policies announced by Olaf Scholzā€™s government, which include cutting farmers’ subsidies as part of budget measures for 2024. The move has sparked major protests, including blockages caused by convoys of tractors and trucks in several German states. Over 500 tractors and trucks ended up parked by Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, near the German Parliament, and the protests are expected to last for a week.

Meanwhile, Polish truckers, who have been protesting an EU deal that allows cheaper Ukrainian drivers into the bloc, have also shown their support for the German farmers’ protests. The Association representing German farmers, DBV, is calling for the subsidy cuts to be scrapped to ensure the supply of high-quality foodstuffs. However, Interior Minister Nancy Faeser warns that the protests could cause anger and disagreement among Germans. Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck also warned that the right to protest could be hijacked by fringe groups. Mr. Scholz’s government is phasing out subsidies in a scramble to bring its budget over the finish line after Germany’s constitutional court declared its previous draft illegal.

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