Russian Colonel Killed in Ukraine While Trying to Boost Morale

Russian Colonel Killed After Stepping on Mine in Ukraine

Colonel Arman Ospanov, head of the armoured service of the Russian Airborne Forces, was reportedly killed in Ukraine after he stepped on a mine while visiting Russian troops in an effort to boost morale. This tragic incident adds to a series of humiliations suffered by Russian President Vladimir Putin, with a number of top officers being killed in the Ukraine war.

According to Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to Ukraine’s internal affairs minister, and a source on Russian Telegram channels, Ospanov was visiting the occupied territories in Ukraine to raise morale when he stepped on a mine and was killed. Another account on social media platform X also reported the same news, citing sources such as funeral notices, obituaries, Russian news, monuments, and memorial plaques.

However, a different account from another X account – Status-6 – suggested that Ospanov was killed by Ukrainian artillery fire while delivering spare cables to an armoured recovery vehicle in Kherson Oblast.

The death of Ospanov adds to the total number of Russian military personnel killed since the invasion of Ukraine, which has been claimed to be 365,170, although this number has not been independently verified.

This is not the first time high-ranking Russian military figures have been killed in the Ukraine war. Major General Vladimir Zavadsky, deputy commander of Russia’s 14th Army Corps, and several other senior officers have also been reported dead in combat.

The death of Colonel Ospanov is the latest blow for Putin as Russian forces continue to struggle in Ukraine.

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