Sheikh Hasina’s Election Triumph

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh expressed gratitude towards India, calling it a “great friend” of Bangladesh and highlighting the support India provided during difficult times. Hasina, who recently won a fourth straight term in the general elections, emphasized the strong bilateral relationship between the two countries and their ability to resolve problems together.

Hasina, who has been in power since 2009, acknowledged India’s support during the Bangladesh Liberation War of 1971 and her period of exile in India after the assassination of her family members in 1975. She emphasized the importance of the strong relationship between the two neighboring countries and credited India for their support during difficult times.

Looking ahead, Hasina stated that the main focus of her government in the next five years will be on economic progress and development. She expressed her commitment to serving her people and highlighted her close relationship with other global leaders, while also downplaying her own achievements.

Overall, Hasina’s remarks highlighted the close ties between Bangladesh and India, emphasizing mutual support and cooperation in resolving bilateral issues.

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